Mission Action Group

Sharing God’s Treasures

One way of Reaching All With the Love of Christ is to share the Treasures that God has provided us. The DUMC Mission Action Group helps do that by distributing donations given to the Church to provide service and aid for the needy and disadvantaged in King George, Virginia, the United States of America and the World. Donations are the foundation for Dahlgren United Methodist Church being able to help the needy and the disadvantaged.

Current DUMC Mission Need Focus Areas are:
1. Feed the Hungry
2. Aid Victims of Natural Disaster
3. Aid Children with Physical and Emotional Disability
4. Help the Homeless
5. Support United Methodist Missionaries
6. Support for Domestic Violence Victims
7. Provide Faith Based Education for Children
8. Assistance for Disadvantaged Children and Youth
9. Provide Living Assistance for the Needy
10. Assist the Elderly

There are two ways to donate:

Write a check. Make check to DUMC. On the Memo line, write what of the 10 DUMC Need Focus Areas the donation should be applied. Place the check in the Offering box in the Church Sanctuary.

Contribute On-line: Click on “Donate – On Line.” Enter the donation amount on “Missions” Line (2nd one down). In the empty box, write to which of the 10 DUMC Need Focus Areas the donation should be applied. Click “Continue” to provide transfer specifics

DUMC has a history and tradition of providing Mission aid and assistance.  Help share God’s Treasures to Reach All With the Love of Christ.