Monthly Mission Focus for April

The DUMC Mission Group has selected the Pinnacle Living – Samaritan Program as the Mission of the Month for April.

Pinnacle Living  (Formerly UM Homes) is a UMC Virginia Conference-related ministry. This organization operates 5 multi-level senior living communities in Virginia providing independent living, assisted living and health care opportunities for its residents.

The Pinnacle Living Samaritan Program is a benevolent fund, which provides financial assistance to Pinnacle Living residents who have outlived their monetary resources and, through no fault of their own, can no longer afford the full cost of their care. 100% of contributions to the Samaritan Program go directly to the financial support of residents in need and are not used for operational, capital or administrative costs.

In these uncertain and frightening times, the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves remain the same or become even greater. Please consider a donation for this organization. Donate by check to DUMC or On-Line Write “Samaritan Program” in the check memo field or in the Designator box on DUMC On-Line Donation page.


The DUMC Mission Action Group has selected the Empowerhouse Organization of Fredericksburg as the Mission of the Month for March. This nonprofit is a Virginia-accredited Domestic Violence Program which serves Fredericksburg, Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford Counties. Empowerhouse supports the needs of domestic violence survivors and their children. It provides safe-house shelters, a 24-hour hotline, victim advocacy, children’s services, and support groups for victims. They serve over 2,400 people and shelter over 100 adults and 100 children, on average, each year.
Please consider a donation by putting EmPowerhouse/Fredericksburg” in the memo field of your check or go to the DUMC web Missions page and make a Mission donation.

continuing needs

The DUMC Mission Action Group (MAG) has a 2020 goal of collecting 1.75 Ton (3,500 lbs.) of food to help with food shortages in the King George area. There are local families with children, disabled citizens and elderly that need help. When donating food, think canned meat and beans, peanut butter, jelly and high protein items. However, any food donated will not be refused. Place your food donations in the wooden box by the stairs in the atrium. Check out the DUMC Food Thermometer on the atrium wall to see how the Church is doing. All food donated at DUMC is transported to a local food bank every week. Note: The Mis-sion Action Group (MAG) is looking for Church volunteers to help transport food to the food banks. If you are available and can help, please let a member of the Mission team know.

February 2020 Mission of the Month:

The DUMC Missions Action Group has selected United Methodist Family Services of Virginia (UMC #6421) as the Mission of the Month for February.

This organization is a UMC Virginia Conference-supported benevolence. It serves children struggling to overcome trauma, acute behavioral and emotional challenges, children with autism and other neurological differences. It provides short-term intervention and stabilization for children who are in crisis and cannot remain in their home. It provides specialized therapeutic education for children struggling with emotional, behavioral, or developmental challenges, autism or other neurological differences.

Please consider a donation to this organization by putting “UMF Services #6421 in the memo field of your check this Sunday or go to the DUMC web Missions page and make a Mission donation in support of UMF #6421. Make a difference.