Hints to protect yourself in cyberspace:

The coronavirus pandemic has left some folks with too much time on their hands for mischief.  It has also increased the general level of anxiety of increasing  vulnerability and susceptibility  to fraud.

The number and variety of scams has increased to such extent that we need more space than we have on the Home Page to address the threats to members of the congregation.

Criminal enterprises well-versed in impersonation are taking advantage of church members who are especially susceptible while in-person worship is on hold.  The scam (referred to as “spoofing”) commonly asks for funds  (often  in the form of prepaid gift cards) for someone with an emergency need.  (Another type of spoofing asks for confirmation of information, which can then be exploited for identity theft.)

The requests have every appearance of being from a trusted source.  Spoofing is NOT limited to hacking of emails. Hackers  impersonate their targets through phone numbers (calling and text) as well as email by gathering data quickly from a basic search online.

Requests for contributions purporting to come from the church or from pastors personally have been been successful at defrauding members of churches in VA Conference.

Our Pastor will never request money or gift cards through email or text message.  Contributions to support  church programs and charitable mission activities are solicited and formally accounted for through general or designated giving.  This is not to preclude any member as  an individual from sharing with others as the spirit moves them to meet individual needs.  However, it is best not reply unless and until you have confirmed and understand the details of the request to avoid being targeted again in the future.

Some hints for recognizing phishing or ransomware scams from what appear to be legitimate operations.

A common technique has been to use the color scheme and design format oa a legitimate business to simply “brand” an email with the appearance of legitimate company.  They take a lot of different forms.  Scams have cycles, and the different forms wax and wane in popularity.   There are so many now that some general rules are necessary:

A great number of email accounts have been hacked, compromising the Contact information associated with those accounts.  That information can be used not only to target victims with spam and ransomware.   More sophisticated hackers  forge addresses so that they appear to come from  friends and family.

Some hints for detecting that an email that appears to be from a friend may be  forged

Unless you know it’s coming, any email that consists only of clickable links or buttons or where text consists of  minimal and generic statements like:  “Thought you would be interested in this,”  or  “Did you get my request for information about your surname?” should be suspect.

In some cases, the only indicator may be that it just doesn’t sound like the sender you know.  It never hurts to  check, by contacting the sender independently by a new email, phone call or text.

To protect yourself and your family finances

If you have ANY doubt, confirm the information with the presumed sender independently through a separate means of communications, other than the one through which you got the initial message.



Monthly Mission Focus for April

The DUMC Mission Group has selected the Pinnacle Living – Samaritan Program as the Mission of the Month for April.

Pinnacle Living  (Formerly UM Homes) is a UMC Virginia Conference-related ministry. This organization operates 5 multi-level senior living communities in Virginia providing independent living, assisted living and health care opportunities for its residents.

The Pinnacle Living Samaritan Program is a benevolent fund, which provides financial assistance to Pinnacle Living residents who have outlived their monetary resources and, through no fault of their own, can no longer afford the full cost of their care. 100% of contributions to the Samaritan Program go directly to the financial support of residents in need and are not used for operational, capital or administrative costs.

In these uncertain and frightening times, the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves remain the same or become even greater. Please consider a donation for this organization. Donate by check to DUMC or On-Line Write “Samaritan Program” in the check memo field or in the Designator box on DUMC On-Line Donation page.

From the Pastor

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Worship Service 2-14-2021

Worship – February 14, 2021
CCLI #1926345
“Clothed in Light”

Posted by Dahlgren United Methodist Church on Sunday, February 14, 2021


17 January 2021 DUMC Service

Worship – January 17, 2021
CCLI #1926345
“When the Word of the Lord is Rare”

Posted by Dahlgren United Methodist Church on Sunday, January 17, 2021

12-13-20 Service

Worship – December 13, 2020
CCLI #1926345
“Deck the Halls.”

Posted by Dahlgren United Methodist Church on Sunday, December 13, 2020

Service 12-6-20

Worship – December 6, 2020
CCLI #1926345
“Clean-Up Brigade”

Posted by Dahlgren United Methodist Church on Sunday, December 6, 2020

Service 11-29-20

Worship – November 29, 2020
CCLI #1926345
“This Place is a Mess”

Posted by Dahlgren United Methodist Church on Sunday, November 29, 2020


A message from Pastor Tom
Posted by Dahlgren United Methodist Church on Saturday, March 21, 2020


The DUMC Mission Action Group has selected the Empowerhouse Organization of Fredericksburg as the Mission of the Month for March. This nonprofit is a Virginia-accredited Domestic Violence Program which serves Fredericksburg, Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford Counties. Empowerhouse supports the needs of domestic violence survivors and their children. It provides safe-house shelters, a 24-hour hotline, victim advocacy, children’s services, and support groups for victims. They serve over 2,400 people and shelter over 100 adults and 100 children, on average, each year.
Please consider a donation by putting EmPowerhouse/Fredericksburg” in the memo field of your check or go to the DUMC web Missions page and make a Mission donation.

continuing needs

The DUMC Mission Action Group (MAG) has a 2020 goal of collecting 1.75 Ton (3,500 lbs.) of food to help with food shortages in the King George area. There are local families with children, disabled citizens and elderly that need help. When donating food, think canned meat and beans, peanut butter, jelly and high protein items. However, any food donated will not be refused. Place your food donations in the wooden box by the stairs in the atrium. Check out the DUMC Food Thermometer on the atrium wall to see how the Church is doing. All food donated at DUMC is transported to a local food bank every week. Note: The Mis-sion Action Group (MAG) is looking for Church volunteers to help transport food to the food banks. If you are available and can help, please let a member of the Mission team know.

February 2020 Mission of the Month:

The DUMC Missions Action Group has selected United Methodist Family Services of Virginia (UMC #6421) as the Mission of the Month for February.

This organization is a UMC Virginia Conference-supported benevolence. It serves children struggling to overcome trauma, acute behavioral and emotional challenges, children with autism and other neurological differences. It provides short-term intervention and stabilization for children who are in crisis and cannot remain in their home. It provides specialized therapeutic education for children struggling with emotional, behavioral, or developmental challenges, autism or other neurological differences.

Please consider a donation to this organization by putting “UMF Services #6421 in the memo field of your check this Sunday or go to the DUMC web Missions page and make a Mission donation in support of UMF #6421. Make a difference.

December 2019 Outreach and Mission Highlights

This is a special opportunity for you to give a “Jesus Gift” to support our Missions. These gifts are a great way for you to help jump start Missions for 2019! Gifts can be designated by the donor to any of the following special emphases highlighted by the Mission Team:
* DUMC Preschool Scholarship
* King George Social Services
* Thurman Brisben Center
Please make checks payable to Dahlgren UMC with a notation in the memo line to the ministry you wish to support.

There is a great need in King George County to families who don’t always qualify for help from Social Services yet still need some Holiday help with food. DUMC will be helping a few of these families with Christmas meals. These families all have young children. The turkeys have been donated. Sign up lists are on the table in the atri-um to help with the sides and desserts for these meals. Thank you in advance for continuing to help those in need right here in our community.

Free meals are being served Monday – Friday to children up to age 17 at two schools in the county. This began on November 18th. Adults can purchase meals for only $2.50! Hot full meals are served at King George High School from 2:40 – 4:00 PM, and King George Elementary from 3:40 – 4:30 PM.

From now until Christmas the Sheep’s Pen will be open weekly on Fridays 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon, weather permitting. The Sheep’s Pen is located in the little brown building behind the church. Gently used items from books to toys, clothes to household items, and lots more are available. All items are donated and all pro-ceeds go to the church.

Thurman Brisben always has a need for bath towels, twin bed sheets and blankets. They can be gently used. Please deposit these items in the box in the atrium. Thank you.

DUMC FOOD CHEST supports King George Social Services (KGSS) FOOD BANK. The need for food continues.  Please rmember to bring a can or two of protein food to the church and place in the large brown chest in the atrium at the base of the stairs.  And thanks to all who helped us exceed our 2019 goal of  3000 pounds

August Newsletter

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We will be serving a meal at the center on Friday, August 9th.Thurman Brisben Center (p.2)
The 1100 Sunday worship on 18 August will be our Annual “Childrens Worship” featuring children of the church in leading roles. (p.2)
Lay Leader’s report on Virginia Annual Conference (p.5)
The Wit and Wisdom of Hezekiah (Practical Praying for Hands on Hearts, p.6)
Calendar (p.7)